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"How To Teach Hitting
Mechanics To Kids 7-14"



Introducing "Hitting Basics For Youth Baseball.
 The first practical, step by step roadmap for hitting mechanics designed specifically for kids 7-14.

Your instructor for this online clinic is David Altopp, NAIA Hall of Famer, former President of the American Baseball Coaches Association, and winner of 803 games over his 34 year career.

Inside this incredible resource, Coach Altopp reveals his patented 3-step formula for teaching hitting technique to young players.

In part 1, he introduces the fundamentals of hitting -- from bat selection... to grip... stance... hand, bat, and head position.

In part 2, he breaks down his simple method for developing picture perfect swing mechanics. Beginning with the trigger... stride... hip rotation... and the line drive swing path.

In part 3, Coach Altopp reveals his 9 favorite developmental hitting drills for developing and reinforcing the proper swing:

The unique "double tee" drill for developing a smooth, compact line drive swing
A nifty "hip rotation" drill that trains your kids to explode through the ball and finish the swing with maximum speed and power
2 proven "one-arm" drills that will skyrocket your young hitter's bat control, forearm strength, and bat speed
A fun, creative "triple-swing" routine that automatically builds fast-twitch muscle response in the wrists, forearms and shoulders - for screaming line drives to all fields
3 brilliant "Flip" Drills that immediately and permanently improve your hitter's pitch tracking, perception, and reaction skills
And a "behind the plate" drill that helps even un-athletic kids whip the bat through the hitting zone with lightning speed

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This is your chance to learn all of Coach Altopp's most treasured secrets for coaching Little League hitters for a very small investment (less than what most professional hitting instructors charge for a half hour of their time).

And with this online clinic, you can learn directly from a Hall of Fame coaching legend... right from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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Coach Kenny Buford

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