Desk of: Coach Kenny Buford

Dear Friend,

Please excuse my audacity, but I'm willing to bet you $100 I could instantly DOUBLE the effectiveness of your batting practices.

Why am I so sure? Because I've watched hundreds of practices, clinics, camps, and private workouts over the years, and seen hundreds of coaches shoot themselves in the foot with the same silly mistake.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar...

You understand the fundamentals of the swing well enough, and work hard to help your kids develop the proper mechanics. The drills you use in practice seem to work well enough, and your players seem to be getting better…

But When It Comes To Game Time,
Everything Falls Apart!

For some odd reason, your hitters lose all their confidence and forget how to swing. Some of 'em stiffen up like Frankenstein in a snowstorm, and awkwardly "stab" at the ball with a herky-jerky motion.

Others kids just overdo it, swinging at every pitch like a wild chimpanzee (even if the ball is two feet over their heads). And still others just clam up completely, watching juicy pitch after juicy pitch sail right through the strike zone, without even TRYING to swing.

And you're struck on the bench, pulling your hair out… wondering why-oh-why the skills they learn in practice aren't TRANSFERRING to live competition!

It's frustrating for you and your coaching staff. It's frustrating for your players. And it's frustrating for your fans and team parents too.

But guess what?

It's Not Your Fault!

Truth is, some of the most popular baseball hitting drills out there - the same ones many so-called hitting "experts" are telling you to use - are based on outdated, ineffective hitting concepts that are just plain WRONG!

For example…

"Squish The Bug" is an old standby that nearly every Little League coach has heard, and many hitting instructors use it to encourage better hip rotation.

BUT, turning the back foot actually does more HARM than good, limiting proper weight transfer, collapsing the backside, and causing your hitters to hopelessly "spin off" the ball!

"Roll The Top Hand" is often used to help players pull the bat through the hitting zone, but it actually robs power from your swing!

To take advantage of the power that explodes from your wrists, the top hand should be facing up and the bottom hand should be facing down at the point of contact. Never roll the top hand over until well after contact is made!

"Get Your Back Elbow Up" has probably killed more baseball dreams than all the other pieces of bad hitting advice - combined.

Instead of getting on top of the ball and hitting more line drives, it actually develops a longer, slower swing, making it harder to get the bat around on fastballs, or adjust to the speed of a curveball or changeup!

Here's The Bitter Truth

As long as you keep teaching these techniques and using these drills in batting practice, your team will continue to struggle. The strikeouts and losses will continue to mount up. Your coaching credibility will continue to plummet. And your players will get more and more bummed out and depressed with their baseball experience.

But don't worry. I've got good news for you: a simple solution to your batting woes that's easy to learn and easy to implement, whether you're a grizzled baseball veteran… or this is the first season you ever walked onto a field.

It's a brand new baseball coaching resource called "Dynamic Hitting Drills."

Inside, you'll learn 23 simple, fun, and wickedly effective batting practice activities specifically designed to teach your players the CORRECT mechanics of hitting, then transfer those skills into real, live in-game competition.

The secret is combining the proper TECHNICAL skills (like coordination, rhythm, power, and bat speed), with TACTICAL skills (like knowing how to adjust your swing to different pitch types and locations).

Once Your Hitters Master These Two Areas - The Technical AND The Tactical - You'll Blow Your Competition Off The Field While Barely Breaking A Sweat!


Your instructor is Ernie Rosseau, one of the finest (and most respected) hitting coaches in America.

If you're not familiar with Coach Rosseau, he cut his teeth on the Florida Junior College Baseball circuit… winning more than 700 games and making several appearances in the National JUCO World Series.

But he REALLY made a name for himself as a top-flite hitting consultant to MLB and Minor League teams, spending years with the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and New York Mets.

Inside this online clinic, Rosseau takes you through his own hand-picked progression of dynamic drills covering everything your hitters need to learn… from conditioning… to mechanics… to tactical hitting strategy.

Let's take a minute to go through each of the drills you're about to learn:

Med-Ball Drill: Trains hitters to rotate forcefully through the trunk in both directions, while maintaining their balance. This is the #1 key to recruiting more power from the lower body, and smashing the ball with jaw-dropping power!
Weight Transfer Toss Drill: Teaches the correct "load-unload" sequence for triggering the swing, then exploding through the hitting zone. Do this correctly and instantly increase your bat speed!
Roll-Up Drill & Squeeze Drill: A 2-part progression that builds exceptional finger, wrist, and forearm strength, for lightning quick bat speed and superior barrel control.
Lead Bat Drill: The fastest, easiest way to create more resistance in the swing, for monstrous upper-body strength that translates DIRECTLY into more home runs and extra-base hits!
Balancing Board Drill: Develops rock-solid lower-body strength and endurance, so you can swing at 100% effort, without falling off balance!
Balance Beam Drill: Heightens your athlete's spatial awareness by challenging the vestibular system… for a more balanced, more controlled swing that's loaded with so much power, it'll make your head spin!
Tube Drills: A 4-step progression that helps coaches isolate and correct mistakes, while reinforcing the proper mechanics of the swing.
Swing Drill: Helps players develop tighter, more compact hitting mechanics. They'll stop "looping" the swing, and get "faster to the ball" almost immediately!
Top Hand Drill: Establishes the correct path for a solid, consistent line drive swing. This one tip can transform almost any hitter into a Triple Crown threat -- almost overnight!
Pivot Drill: Promotes a quicker bat and more effective wrist snap, so you can put the sweet part of the bat on the ball every time -- almost automatically!
Whirly Bird Drill: A great hitting tool that allows your players to get a massive number of swing reps in only a few minutes of practice.
Long Tee Drill: Helps your hitters keep the bat head in the zone from trigger through contact. This one secret alone transforms dribbling ground balls into scorching line drives!
Bat Attack Drill: A fun "one-on-one" drill that tests your hitters' bat speed against each other. PERFECT for injecting some competitive intensity into your practices!
Mirror Drill: Helps your players become their own best hitting coach, so they can increase their mechanical awareness, spot errors and correct them on the fly!
IMO-123 Drill: Establishes the best possible contact point for the 9 key hitting zones… so your kids learn to recognize the pitch, then quickly adjust their swing path to the ball.  (Less than 5% of players and coaches really understand how powerful this concept is!)
IMO-123 Tee Drill: A live batting practice drill that reinforces the correct swing path for all the most common pitch placements.
Talking BP Drill: Trains your hitters to read and react to different types of pitches in a real game situation… from the "up and in fastball"… to the "low and away changeup"… to the "curveball in the dirt"… and everything in between. Gives your kids unshakable confidence to perform in even the most pressure-packed situation.
Low Tee Drill: Trains your hitters to take a breaking ball off the outside of the plate (one of the trickiest pitches in baseball) -- and DRIVE it to the opposite field with maximum power.
Strike Zone Drill: A fun little gadget drill that allows your hitters to work different types of pitch heights and positions. Gives immediate feedback on the quality of the swing…
Target Drill: Reinforces the proper line drive swing by giving the hitter a visual target to aim for. (This one makes a GREAT competitive drill for the end of practice)
Opposite Field Drill: A fun short toss drill that trains your hitters to sit back on an outside pitch, close the lead shoulder, keep the bat head up, then drive the ball to the opposite field.
Identification Drill: Learn how to instantly recognize every pitch directly out of the pitcher's hands… Never be fooled again!

Every Drill Is Extremely Versatile

No matter what type of team you're working with, how many players you have, or what field space is available, you can get the complete benefits of these drills and start dominating pitchers right away!

Here are just some of the ways you can use them

Full batting practice with 10-20 players
Small group workouts and private lessons
Tryouts and skill evaluations
Summer baseball camps
Individual skill work in the basement, in the back yard, or at the park

The possibilities are endless!

There's no useless fluff here either. No egghead discussions on the science of hitting.

Just pure, powerful hitting drills that are brain-dead EASY to implement for ANY age or competitive level… no matter how little (or how much) coaching experience you have right now.

It's perfect if...

You're a rookie beginner, and you want to learn the CORRECT way to teach hitting fundamentals

You're a baseball dad, and you're looking for some pointers to give your kid the extra edge

You're a seasoned coach who knows the ropes, and you need some fun new drills to spice up your practices and reinforce proper hitting mechanics

This is the type of info most coaches would walk barefoot over glass to get.

Simple, straightforward hitting tips that'll build "picture perfect" hitting mechanics for every player on your team -- the kind of smooth, fluid "beauty swings" that college and pro coaches DROOL over.

And here's what makes this a total no-brainer for you. The entire system is presented as an online video clinic, so you can access everything

In Just 90 Seconds!

There's no out of town seminars to travel to… no boring textbooks to read… and you don't need to wait for anything to show up in the mail.

After your order is processed, you'll be instantly redirected to our secure video clinic download page… where you can access all the material right away.

It's easy too. No "tech" experience required. If you know how to click a mouse, then you have all the skills you need.

(And just in case you run into any problems… me or my trusty assistant Mary will be here to help out any time)

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, or save them to your computer. You can even share the online clinic with the rest of your coaching staff… so everyone's on the same page and ready to rock for your very next practice!

Bottom Line. Once You're In… You're IN

Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything. There are no time limits… no hassles… and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

Ready to dive in? Here's what to do next!

Click on the orange "Add to Cart" button below to place your secure order now. Your payment is processed on our secure servers, and your privacy is 100% protected.

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You get instant access to the online clinic as soon as your payment is approved. And you can learn all these new drills in under an hour!

Until now, the only way to learn these drills directly from Coach Rosseau would be at one of those big, overpriced national coaching clinics in Las Vegas or Orlando.

By the time you paid your admission ($150), air fare (at least $200), hotel and meals (another $200)… you're in the hole $550 or more.

But today, we're bringing Coach Rosseau to you - right in the comfort of your own living room or office, for just $47 $37.

Even better, you don't risk a penny because I'm covering everything with an incredible

One Hundred Dollar
"Put My Money Where My Mouth Is"

Here's the deal. Order the online clinic right now and you get two full months to review the material and decide if the drills are as good as I say.

Use them in practice with your players. Show them to your assistant coaches. Heck... spend a few minutes in your back yard and try out a few of 'em for yourself.

If you're not 100% impressed with the drills... if you don't see an immediate improvement in the way your players transfer their hitting skills into game situations... just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund your entire payment right away.

And to really make sure you're happy, I'll even let you pick ANY resource from my coaching library valued at $100 or less and

Let You Have It For FREE!

That's right! Any single online clinic or book from my library (under $100) is yours - on the house.

Crazy I know... but that's just how confident I am that this stuff will blow your mind and completely transform your team.

My accountant thinks I've totally lost my marbles… and my partners tried to veto this deal before I even got started.

They think that some unscrupulous folks will try to take advantage of this deal and screw me over. But I trust you, and I know you'll give this a fair shake. And in the end, the $37 for the online clinic will be the best investment you'll make all season.

There's just one catch. We decided to cut off access after just 250 slots in the online clinic are full - which should be enough to cover everyone on my e-hotlist. I can guarantee YOUR slot until midnight on .

After that, I'm reserving the right to pass your slot to the next guy down the line.

So you'll want to click on the button below and order this right now.

Don't go back to checking your email or surfing the web and plan on coming back later… because it'll almost certainly mean you'll lose out on this limited time offer.

The Choice Is Yours…

You can continue to face the same frustrations and poor performance, and keep boo-hooing about why your kids aren't playing to their potential… OR you can learn from one of the top hitting instructors in the country, finally start playing the way you KNOW your team is capable of, and become the TOP DOG in your baseball league.

This letter could just be the "kick in the pants" that finally knocked your butt into the baseball coaching stratosphere… or it could do nothing more than leave a nasty bruise on your behind. It's up to you.

Yours for better hitting,

Coach Kenny Buford

PS - If you think you've heard it all before and that none of these drills will be new to you… you need to watch this online clinic more than anyone!

I guarantee that you'll find several new batting practice ideas YOU ARE NOT DOING right now. Ideas that will rapidly develop breathtaking bat speed and colossal power, so your hitters can get the bat through the hitting zone faster and more efficiently, and smash the ball a country mile

Ideas that prepare your kids for REAL LIVE game situations, so they know how to handle different pitches in different locations, and they step into the batter's box with supreme confidence every single time!

Besides, if you watch the online clinic (it's less than an hour long) and decide that the info is nothing new and you can't use it, I will happily refund your money AND let you have any single resource from my library (up to $100) for free.

Go ahead and click the button below to get started now!

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